Brie and Renee have been in a business arrangement since Brie began renting an apartment from Renee and her husband.


Brie has lived in her current apartment for a little over six months. She rents from Renee and her husband. When Brie came to see about the apartment Renee offered the younger woman an unusual payment schedule.

The payment schedule, though certainly strange, worked out financially for Brie, and for Renee, it afforded her the opportunity to do the things she enjoyed doing. Brie works as an adult film actress and is rumored to be either bisexual or exclusively lesbian. Something the bi-curious housewife found fascinating.

The two have a monthly arrangement, and on the morning of their business meeting, Brie is anxious and eager for the phone call from Renee to give her the time of the meeting. Burning with anticipation, Brie nearly jumps out of her skin when her cell phone rings. When she answers Renee tells Brie the meeting is upstairs in her apartment in 10 minutes. Brie then rushes like a dog in heat to Renee’s for the meeting.

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