Mallory Taylor arrives home after work to find a beautiful girl lying nude in the middle of her bed.


Mallory is a thirty-something, single lesbian who works as an office manager for an insurance firm. Lately, she has been fantasizing about a beautiful young sexy platinum blonde. It is no one she knows it is just her go-to dream girl when she is horny.

When she arrives home from work she goes to her bedroom to change and gets a shock when she finds a balled-up blanket in the middle of her stripped bed which she knows she didn’t leave like that when she left for work. When she removes the blanket she discovers a sexy platinum blonde girl completely undressed. Mallory never gets to find out why the girl is there because the sexy teen begins to seduce.

During the blonde’s seduction of Mallory, it dawns on the older woman that the girl is a dead ringer for the girl of her fantasies. Mallory isn’t sure if she is dreaming or if something sinister is going on, but once the teen has Mallory’s clothes off the turned on lesbian decides to play along for a while.

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