8 tales of dominant women, that see their subs as individual secret gardens. As their domme they expect from them nothing less than their bodies and souls. Expected to do whatever their dommes want so the pleasures of the domme are also the sub’s pleasure


Bound to Lose

Jessica has found herself to be very unlucky in love. Bi-Sexual though she is, she just can’t win with either sex

Before the Mistress and the Stepmother there was Olivia’s Humiliation

A prequel to the bestselling ‘The Tale of the Mistress and the Stepmother’. A look at Olivia as she entered the BDSM lifestyle. More


Abbey is obsessed with Jessica, a young who works with her, and would like nothing better than to make Jessica her a love slave

Duchess of Domination

Stacey decides to skinny dip in the deserted hotel pool early one the morning. That idea gets squashed when Ciara arrives to crash her party

Love Hurts

Linda is a successful business owner. She also is a mother of her eighteen year old daughter Jenn and she is a lesbian.

Pleasure Bound

Husband out of town, Joanna gets to indulge in her secret fetish with Mistress Carol with a surprise visit from Carol’s friend Erma.

The Care and Feeding of Pets

Sienna has a dominant relationship with Naomi. Naomi is Sienna’s pet and Sienna is careful to nurture the symbiotic relationship.

The Tale of the Mistress and the Step-Mother

The Tale of the Mistress & the Step-Mother is a story for fans of older women dominating younger women. A story filled with the erotica pleasure and penetrating emotions. At times it is difficult to determine the Dom or the Sub.

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