The Opportunistic Bottom Feeder

Leigh is trapped in a sexless marriage and finds that going clothes shopping in the mornings helps take her mind off her problem until she is caught in a changing room doing something she shouldn’t by an attractive red head.


Twenty-something Leigh is married to a very inattentive husband and finds other past times to take her mind off her sexless marriage. Clothes shopping was her favorite pastime; that is until an attractive older red-haired woman walked into her changing room and caught Leigh doing something she shouldn’t have been doing.

The sexy redhead see an opportunity and tests the waters with the surprised married woman. She finds that Leigh is unable to tell her no, when she makes a lascivious advance on her. With that knowledge the woman, Morgan quickly removes the girl from the store and whisks her to her apartment.

The naïve Leigh may be inexperienced in lesbian romance, but Morgan realizes Leigh is a quick learner. The lusty red head puts the younger girl through her paces, exploring every nook and cranny on her prey. At the same time, Morgan exposes Leigh to some of the more debauched and wicked aspects of lesbian lovemaking.

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