During an extremely steamy time between the sheets with her lover Bobbi,  postulates an earth shaking theory about the sexual superiority of the female.


Bobbi is in a relationship with Joanna, and during one of their hotter sessions together Bobbi hits on a theory about sexuality that may change the roles human males and females assume. This theory transcends heterosexuality and homosexuality, if proven true one of the human genders may be rendered useless.

A few ad hoc experiments with the slutty duo of Charmaine and Kit and followed up with a wet time in the hot tub with Mary Ann her neighbor, Bobbi is convince she has to test her theory using a controlled situation and prove she can provide better results than any man in satisfying a woman.

She uses her neighbor Mary Ann to pick up an attractive woman and using a tiny bit of subterfuge Bobbi dives into her work and initiates her hypothesis. What she and Mary Ann discover is Earth shaking. When the test subject, Kimberly is debriefed she is amazed but surprisingly accepts the results and is in love with Bobbi.. That now puts Bobbi in a pickle since she is already  in a relationship with Joanna.   

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