Eight  erotic stories of hard aggression, cruel domination, erotic suffering & females fighting for pleasure.


The Goddess Sword

Political intrigue, sex, and domination all seem to follow the crafty and voluptuous secret agent Chandelier. This time she is matching wits with two equally talented spies; Jacqueline code name ‘KitCat’ and Melany code name ‘Bunny’

Sleeping with a Goddess

Two girls meet at closing time at their gym. Tanya an impressive black girl at nearly six feet, and Tina a sexy red head. Tanya offers Tina a lift home and Tina anxiously accepts obviously having ulterior motives. But before they get to Tina’s both have learned quite a bit about each other.

Please! I Give up! Please Stop!

A very sadistic Dominatrix finds pleasure in playing one slave against the other when they aren’t giving her pleasure.

Lesbian Sex Addict

Debbie has a preoccupation with everything related to sex and engaging with more partners to satisfy her urge yet unable to control her thoughts, which can often times lead to some type of sexual debauchery

A Dominant Submissive

A symbiotic lifestyle of domination and submission becomes tenuous as the once firm connections unravels

Hot Spots & Damp Spots, Soft & Hard Spots

Jane Fawkes is teaching Shelly Morris how to be a witch, and in doing so both become attracted to each other. But their happiness is cut short when Jane unexpectedly dies from an experiment gone wrong. This leaves Shelly confused and vulnerable.

Revenge-The Last Laugh

Four friends, a lot of booze, and heated argument out of control are the components of situation where in the end only one woman gets her revenge.

An Unheeded Warning

Cady is a recent college graduate; she used her inherited money to buy a condo and decided to celebrate her new independence with a before she starts her new job at her Aunt Janis’ medical research lab

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