Political intrigue, sex and domination all seem to follow the crafty and voluptuous secret agent Chandelier. This time she is matching wits with two equally talented spies; Jacqueline code name ‘KitCat’ and Melany code name  ‘Bunny’.


The countries of Concourse and Lenovo are in the middle of a ‘cold war’. Espionage, and intrigue abound in both countries. On one side of the war is Melany, code name Bunny and on the other is Chandelier, a beautiful yet crafty artist of spy craft. Chandelier’s reputation preceded her, as a dangerous and ruthless.

A surprise announcement at the presidential ball in Concourse, revealed that Chandelier would be assigned to collaborate with Bunny and her superior, Jacqueline, code name KitCat. All in the name of good will.  Bunny and KitCat have a history with Chandelier of which neither is aware of.

The plot by the Lenovo agent is thwarted, but person or person’s unknown, when KitCat finds Chandelier’s body with a sword thrust into her stomach. Both Jacqueline and Melany react differently to the situation. Melany is rather non-committal while on the other hand, Jacqueline seems devastated.  So it was less of a surprise to Bunny than the rest of the administration when Kitcat’s body is found following her suicide. Strangely but the same type of sword as Chandelier.

It seems as though the details of Lenovo’s plan will die with Chandelier and Jacqueline. That is unless Bunny can unravel the evil conspiracy.  

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