Two girls meet at closing time at their gym. Tanya an impressive black girl at nearly six feet, and Tina a sexy red head. Tanya offers Tina a lift home and Tina anxiously accepts obviously having ulterior motives. But before they get to Tina’s both have learned quite a bit about each other.


Tina is a blue eyed, red headed beauty. She takes pride in her looks and regular trips to the gym help her to achieve her goal. On one particular evening following a rigorous work out she is way too tired to ride her bike back home. One of the girls from the gym Tanya offers to take her home if she wants to wait for her to finish up.

Tina quickly accepts the offer. Tanya is a gorgeous black beauty, that Tina had always wanted to get to know but felt she was out of her league.  This was just the opportunity she couldn’t pass up. The two women use the pool and shower and then it was time to leave for Tina’s.

On the drive to Tina’s both women recount some of their past relationships and share portions of them with each other. By the time the two reach Tina’s, Tanya has been convinced to spend the night rather than make the long drive to her place late at night. No doubt Tina was ecstatic about Tanya agreeing to stay over. Now would she dare impose her amorous affections on her guest?

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