A young girl known only as ‘kid’ moves through a hero’s journey evading zombies and dealing with women after her body.


A twenty something college student wakes up a prisoner, locked in a bizarre trophy case for zombie hunters. With a little luck and quick thinking the girl known only as ‘kid’ breaks the lock on her cage and runs right into a flesh eating zombie hell bent on having kid for a snack.

Kid recognizes the recently turned zombie as someone she hated from her previous job. Seeing the woman now a zombie stirs up memories of the hatred she has for the woman and using her go to weapon, a Baggie filled with gasoline,  she turns the zombie into a crispy critter.

Her altercation with the zombie has created a situation for ‘kid’ first the building along with the zombie burst into flames and she is caught up in the zombie fire drill created by the fleeing zombies.

She escapes the mob of undead, and thinks she is free and clear, but something diverts her attention just long enough that she again is pursued by yet another gang of hungry flesh eaters. Just when things look the darkest, a woman in a black Land Rover arrives and rescues the ‘kid’ from certain death.

Gwen is her rescuers name and ‘kid’ is glad to finally see another human besides herself. Most likely from the shock her body has been through, ‘kid’ finds Gwen’s advances pleasant and those advances lead to a sizzling romance. Gwen fills ‘kid’ in on their dire situation. Only a handful of humans are alive on earth, and zombies find humas quite tasty.  

The ‘kid’ now has thoughts of love, romance, and a future. Both she and Gwen make plans to head to a rural area away from large population centers to live their lives in safety, if they can just get out of the zombie infest city they are in.

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