A homeless teen, Zoe tries to exist in a future Dystopian world where all the male have been abducted and the planet is run by vicious sex crazed girl gangs.


Zoe a homeless teen doing her best to exist in a future dystopian world. Unknown invaders came and abducted all the male population leaving the world to be run by vicious girl gangs. Other gangs exist but away from the dominating gangs by living in the abandoned subway tunnels. Leaving the surface of the planet in control of the sex crazed girl gangs.

There also exists a group of women called the Ancients that unofficially watch over the weaker or helpless population. Zoe has caught the eye of one Ancient Deborah and has the feeling the two of them could be lovers. After a brief interlude at a celebration Deborah makes loves to Zoe, but then mysteriously leaves while Zoe is asleep.

The teen decides with the urging of her friends to find the Ancient,  Unfortunately, the Ancients too, live on the surface of the planet so Zoe must risk life and limb to find Deborah, it the strange and dangerous surface world.

It is on her search that Zoe falls prey to a sex gang lead by a tall beautiful and deadly woman known as the Leader. Things look pretty dark for Zoe as she is subjected to more debauchery and abuse than she could ever imagine. Her chances of finding the elusive Deborah seem very bleak.

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