Misty had been a lesbian since she could remember beginning with her exploits with an Asian girl, Nho her freshman year of college. She then meets another Asian woman Lau, when she gets older causing her erotic flashbacks to her time’s with Nho.


Small town girl, Misty meets Nho during her freshman year of college, the two share a rather interesting fetish and because of that they became best friends that lasted beyond college.

At thirty, a Ph.D. candidate and college lecturer this new job meant leaving Nho and moving on, though still friends.  While Misty was settling in her new surroundings, she was realized she missed her best friend and decided she needed to go out and meet some people. She call Nho and tells her about missing her, and Nho encourages her to go out and meet some people.

She sits in the local watering hole for the college and works her way to a pretty good buzz and soon before she realized it was nearly closing time. It’s then she saw the attractive Asian woman she noticed earlier in the evening was about the only other person in the bar with her. During their conversation at the bar, Misty finds out that Lau is about her age, rich and quite mysterious. All the qualities that attracted Misty to her.

Lonely and horny Misty was an easy target for the Asian woman, whose name Misty learned was Lau Chen. Following a torrid night at Lau’s home, the Asian woman persuades Misty to live with her, and her house keeper Josie. She agrees, not in a million years knowing what she was getting herself into.

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