Judith Lansing is a lesbian, and also a successful corporate spy selling top secrets to the highest bidder. That is until she get a blackmail note from someone threatening to expose her.


Judith Lansing had become quite rich, stealing, and selling corporate secrets. She also has an eye for the ladies, especially Young Ladies. But she has the good sense to keep business and pleasure separate to keep her life uncomplicated.

She has been in the business for a number of years and occasionally has hit a snag or two, even a brush with the law. But she is comfortable in the fact she has been feeding off Breezeflow, the cybernetics company for several years and thinks she will never be found out.

But of course she thought wrong. She gets a blackmail letter from an anonymous person threatening to expose her unless she gives into their demands of $500,000. The rendezvous time and place is set for an old cemetery late at night. Though not expecting any real trouble she packs up the cash and takes along her unregistered Glock.

Judith even arrives early for the exchange to scope out any traps or tricks the blackmailer may have set up. She is pretty confident if the deal goes south, she will be able to handle the situation. Again she thought wrong!

The identity of the blackmailer is a shock, but even more of a shock is the blackmailer’s accomplice. With her mind in a spin the situation looks pretty grim, and Judith realizes it’s going to be kill or be killed before this caper is finished.

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