Louise and Flora are forced to stay in an apartment while their home is fumigated, what Louis sees from the bedroom window across the courtyard there, convinces her something is not right between the older Asian woman and the young blonde staying with her.


Flora and Louise have been living together for some months. The two met in a lez bar and were drawn to each other quite quickly. Soon they moved in together. Unfortunately, their new apartment needed repairs so they were offered an apartment of a friend in Chinatown for a few nights.

They found out soon the air conditioning in the Chinatown apartment didn’t work and did what they could to alleviate the oppressive heat. As it turned out, Flora had to leave for the evening to give a lecture, leaving Louise in her panties looking out her bedroom window at the apartment across the courtyard.

What she sees, seems a riddle to her. There’s an older attractive Asian woman and a cute young blonde teen that appears on first sight to be held against her will. What Louise witnesses next really clouds the issue, as the young girl submits to some of the most lascivious treatment at the hands of the older woman.

The action aroused Louise and becomes transfixed on the woman and girl as they seem to perform a macabre repertoire of sexual wantonness. But Louise is jolted out of her erotic reverie by first, Flora coming home, and second by the Asian woman discovering that Louise has been watching the two.

Louise calls to Flora to look at the disgusting scene, but when Flora gets up to look, the apartment window across the court yard has its blinds pulled down. The action is soon forgotten by the two lusty roommates and they climb in bed for the night. Apparently the last of that puzzling situation.

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