Jen, an English Professor has a yen for young girls, conversely Samantha a young coed at the same college, lusts for older woman. Their forbidden desires are put are complicated by Jen’s past life, and Samantha’s royal birth.


Thirty something Jen is the archetypal left wing liberal lesbian. An English Professor at an eastern liberal arts college. She also has a lust for younger girls. Her dalliances with her students has already gotten her in trouble several time over her career and she has worked very hard to avoid her secret perversion.

Eighteen year old Princess Samantha Tuborg, is coming to the USA to attend college, at the same university Jen teaches. If not for Jen’s past indiscretions early in her career the two would surely have connected from the start. Since Sam is also a lesbian, and a femme and a mommy chaser, who lusts after older women.

Intentionally moving in different circles, the two are able to avoid running into each other, and suffering the temptation each of them is addicted to. That is until Jen’s best friend Lisa comes up with a solution to the impasse the two destined lovers are experiencing.

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