Two women, roommates Peyton, and Judy, get caught up in the allure of the rough lifestyle of lesbian bondage and discipline.


Peyton discovers her young roommate Judy, is starting to take an interest in both lesbianism and BDSM. The most shocking thing about her discovery is that the woman that appears to be seducing Judy into the relationship is actually a longtime friend of Peyton’s Chelsea.

Peyton decides to confront her friend, Chelsea about her actions without Judy’s knowledge. The confrontation, goes wrong from the start and Peyton is taught a painful lesson in the dangers of excessive curiosity, and the compulsion of D/s. A the ferocity of a mistress protecting her possessions.

The results of Peyton’s interference, take both women down a dangerous path, that leads to both her and Judy becoming submissives to Chelsea, that allows her to control their lives. What Peyton or Judy don’t know is the BDSM business is a volatile and explosive endeavor. At Chelsea’s insistence, the two neophyte subs are led into situations that lead to erotic encounters, but both are wonder if the price they pay is worth it.

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