Sandra and Nicole are heading back from a sales conference when they are stranded in a huge snow storm.


Nicole is Sandra’s boss. The two of them were heading back from a very successful business trip when a huge snow storm traps them several hours from home. Quick thinking on Nicole’s part they find shelter in a home that is only occasionally used by Nicole’s brother.

Freezing cold, wet clothes and near exhaustion force the two to strip down and take comfort in front of the inviting fireplace. Nicole tends to the damp and wet clothes and the two settle in to ride out the storm together. After a few glasses of wine and the rigors of the day the two decide to head off to bed.


Since there is only one bed and a postage stamp sized couch. Unabashedly, Nicole climbs into bed with Sandra, in the buff. Shocking the sexy administrative assistant. However, due to the exhaustion, or the wine, it isn’t long and both women are snuggling up, and basking in the warmth from the contact of each other’s nude body.

The proximity of the sleeping arrangements, and the stimulation of the nude flesh on flesh, things escalate quickly and it isn’t long and the two previously ‘straight’ women are crossing the line and finding out what love with another woman is really like.

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