Kelsey Landis is a grad student at a small college. Most of her life she has been victim of other people’s needs. But that has just changed.


Kelsey Landis. an introverted grad student, has spent most of her young life being a pushover. A walking victim. People took advantage of her, didn’t take her seriously and disposed of her when they got what they wanted from her.

So it was a major surprise and shock the day quite by accident, she learned that her days of being taken advantage of were over. It was a new dawn; a  new day and she was feeling really good. She had been empowered with some strange ability that was going to make Kelsey a force to be reckoned with.

The first inkling to Kelsey that she had her new ability was when her argumentative  best friend Liz, uncharacteristically does Kelsey’s bidding with no push back. She just dropped everything and set off to do what she was asked. This gets Kelsey thinking.

Next, Kelsey decides she needs to test her theory of her empowerment on the Dean of the College’s English department. And mysteriously the Dean acquiesces. Soon, Kelsey has anyone she comes in contact with eager to do her bidding. Then a light goes off in Kelsey’s brain.

As a result of her new ability she unintentionally got her best friend Liz is a lot of trouble. So much trouble Liz is expelled. Kelsey determines it is her obligation to fix the problem for her friend and enthusiastically heads out on her mission of mercy. Then she might just work on her lackluster love life after that.

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