A rebellious teen, Nicki, joins a lesbian cult looking for unlimited access to passionate encounters.


Nicki’s time with a lesbian cult left a lasting imprint on her young psyche. Following her escape she tried to live a normal life in a small town in New York. Taking in the sights at a popular shopping mall she spots a cute young teen girl that seems to be lost. Old feelings are brought to the surface and she reverts to her past behavior and begins to seduce the girl.

During the seduction, Nicki tells the young girl, Paige all the sordid details of her time in cult known as the Daughters of Lilith. The story has an erotic effect on the young girl and that paves the wave for the consummation of the seduction.

The seduction, like a star burns out in from its intensity. But her the lust for women is far from abated and Nicki is drawn to a bohemian chick that works with her. A departure for Nicki, the bohemian girl, Ivory, is older than her. Which of course brings up more memories of the cult days.

Things in the small town the two live in doesn’t take kindly to their life style, plus her job is threatened by her actions also. Fed up with the whole situation she takes steps to relocate and begin a new life together in the tolerant climate of California.

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