An Alarming Tale of Desire

Sarah, a closet lesbian, wakes one morning to find she is extraordinarily aroused and is forced to deal with the problem throughout the day.


Sarah is beginning her senior year at a local community college outside Cincinnati. She still lives with her parents and her life seems to be in flux. She is torn over her suppressed desire for other women, and so much wants to move out and express lesbian inclinations.

On one particular morning after the alarm clock roused her from her sleep, she realized she was abnormally turned on. Little did she dream, and much to her dismay, the situation would plague her the entire day,.

The constant horniness haunts every facet of her day, even while taking the bus to class. It creates situations that, to Sarah it all feels surreal. From the bus ride to the first class of the day, the urgent desire intensifies and the atmosphere seems to play along with the situation all the way to the ladies room.

Despite all the erotic situations, Sarah is only allowed to be a witness, never a participant. The stress of her decadent experiences, combined with her hyper-arousal begins to take its toll and just when Sarah feels things can’t get much worse, she realizes she has practice after school, wrestling practice!

The juxtaposition of young girls rolling around clutching each other’s bodies in competition just about puts Sarah over the top, prime for either a nervous breakdown, or a monstrous climax she isn’t sure which.

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