At eighteen, young Ivy is initiated into the dark and dirty world of Domination by a friend of her mother.


Ivy, was raised in northern California. In her teens is introduced to the world of domination by a friend of her mother, Blossom. The woman is much older than the 18 year old and uses her to satisfy every debauched desire she can think of.

When Ivy graduates from college she moves to Las Vegas, her physical attributes lending themselves to the life of a chorus girl in one of the casinos. Once in Vegas she sheds her submissive ways and does an about face and tests the waters as a dominatrix with an eye for young girls. Her first eager sub is a cute waitress named Morgan. Ivy sees a lot of herself in the girl and proceeds to give her the full D/s treatment.

As the years pass, Ivy has moved from performing and topless dancing to managing one of the resorts on the Las Vegas strip which provides her with a bevy of young subordinates to groom for her own pleasure. One such beauty is Justine, who in her own way seems to have an effect on the Domme like few before her.

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