U N D E R . A . G R E E N . S T A R

An aging interplanetary teller of heroic tales, weaves a tale of her erotic exploits as a lesbian warrior from a galaxy millions of light years from earth.


Nut Meg, also known as the Noble Wrestler, tells a group of avid listeners about her erotic past exploits among the stars. Some of her tales suspend belief but one’s listening to the tales are held spellbound by her words. To appreciate the Noble Wrestler its imperative her past is brought to light.

Nut Meg is from a solar system located in Orion’s Belt and she grew up on an agricultural planet under a green star. She tells of the rites of passage for eighteen year old girls, living on a lesbian dominated world. She tells of competitions and erotic games. She relates further that all inhabitants who live in her solar system are subject to forced military enlistment and the rigors of intense training.

Recounting her story, she tells of a training exercise gone wrong, and how she and another cadet barely escape with their lives from beastly attacks and hidden traps. Ending her tale explaining how she had to repel down from great heights down the side of a Fjord along with her five sister cadet. Just in time to make the rendezvous point where the trainees are to be picked up and returned to their planet.

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2 thoughts on “U N D E R . A . G R E E N . S T A R

  1. Odd… This one got kicked to my spam email folder. I think it was the unconventional title formatting. Love the sci-fi angle though. It’s nice to see you branching out a bit.


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