Confessions of a Lecherous Woman

A maturing lesbian, Angela, has an obsession for younger girls. To the readers of her confessions, she shares her experiences with an array of some of the most amazing eighteen year olds you could ever imagine!

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Angela always wanted to be older. When she was a girl, she fantasized about it, formed an idea in her mind how her life would be when she got older. From 18 years old and beyond, she tried everything there was to do that involved lesbians, and lesbian love.

When she was in her late thirties, Angela found herself hopelessly addicted to young teenaged girls, and most of them found the attention the attractive mature woman bestowed on them quite alluring. Angela took pains to groom them and school them in the advantages of woman and girl love.

Now in her forties, she was well-known for her penchant for girls, and she was often times offered the comfort of youthful females from other lesbians in exchange for favors or even fetishes. As a result, Angela’s bed was rarely empty or quiet.

Approaching her fifties, she comes to grips with her past. During a close friend’s birthday celebration, that included lots of arousing lesbian action, she gets to know a young woman named Amanda. Amanda offers to arrange a meeting for Angela with a young girlfriend of hers.

The discussion becomes quite sexually charged and during the conversation Amanda drops a bomb on Angela and the rest of the birthday well-wishers. Stunned by the girls revelation, Angela now faced with a decision to determine if maybe she has gone too far with her endless quest for young female flesh or just move on.

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