Rebounding from a failed relationship, Katie O’Gill moves to Florida in hopes of forgetting her heartbreak.



Schoolteacher, Katie O’Gill, moved from Detroit to Ft. Myers to get away from all reminders of her failed relationship with Nora an older woman. Katie walked in on Nora in the middle of a threesome with two young female school teachers.

Taking the new job and settling into a new town provide Katie with several opportunities. Finding a new girlfriend is the first priority, another one is finding a doctor and a dentist. Both tasks become harder than she thought they would be.

After two weeks Katie is still without a girlfriend but does find a dentist, Dr. McBride, tall, dark, and female. The good doctor is cordial to Katie but is completely professional and Katie is resigned to the fact a Dentist is not in her future.

On a whim Katie takes a Saturday night and goes clubbing at an all-female establishment and has a rather lukewarm evening, searching for romance, and thinks about leaving after she finishes her drink. However, when the girl of her dreams takes the stool next to her she thinks maybe her luck has changed.

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