Amanda tries to prove that she’s no…LESBIAN LOSER!

L E S B I A N    L O S E R

The story of Judy, a predator, and Amanda, her prey, whose real roles become blurred as the relationship rollercoasters around them..



Judy Collins is a dominator, and a woman on the prowl, looking for some unsuspecting prey to take home and share with the mysterious Makenzie. Right now Amanda is in her sites and like a deer in the headlights is no match for Judy’s skills.

Amanda is taken to Judy’s place where Judy uses her and abuses her. Half the fun for Judy is the inflicting as much humiliation she can on her snared prey. Amanda is hopelessly trapped and is served up as a feast for Judy and her protege Makenzie.

Like a cat with a mouse though, eventually, the cat tires of the game and discards its prey and moves on to the next shiny object to chase. In Judy’s case, she dumps Amanda and moves her and Makenzie to another town. Leaving Amanda, confused, heartbroken, and finally angry.

The saga comes to a climax when Amanda unexpectedly runs into Judy while visiting Judy’s new town with a friend of hers. But now, Amanda is firmly in control of her own self-respect, and her dignity and goes about demonstrating her self-confidence to her ex-mistress with some very penetrating lessons.

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