Licorice Root and Intromittent…SAY WHAT?


Cazzy and Wylla have been sent out in early spring to find foodstuffs for the inhabitants of their starving hamlet.



A long harsh winter has ended, and the poor inhabitants of a small hamlet have sent two teenage girls, Wylla and Cazzy out to scavenge food for them. The two lovers are returning home with their packs full of nuts, apples, and licorice root when they meet a beautiful stranger, Ikaz.

They learn from her the countryside is overrun with once slumbering satyrs and other dangerous beings. The most dangerous of which is the Intromittent. Undeterred, the girls realize they are now close to home and will surely avoid any dangers.

Fate is a fickle mistress as the two, run right into the seemingly bewitching danger, but the danger is hardly what they dreamed. Eventually, Cazzy is left twitching and unconscious due to her run-in with the Intromittent and Wylla does her best to lick her friend into shape before a search party finds them.

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