She came for dinner she was served a… FORBIDDEN FEAST!


It’s a dark cold snowy night and Christine Rock is about to go to bed when she gets a call from one of her daughter’s High School friends who has just been in a car accident.




Christine is a divorced forty-something mother of a college-age daughter. She is alone at home, on a dark, cold snowy night, and is about to turn in for the evening when she gets an unexpected phone call. It’s from Hayley an old high school friend of her daughter Lauren.

Hayley called to tell Lauren that she had been in an accident and was asking for her help. Unfortunately, Lauren had returned to college from winter break leaving Hayley in a bind and Christine on the hook. Christine, ever the Good Samaritan, gets dressed and goes to the aid of the young girl.

When she arrives, it seems the police want to charge the young girl with a DUI. Christine to the rescue convinces the senior officer to give Hayley a break, but not without a quid pro quo to be paid later! Christine takes the shaken girl back to her home because of the severe weather and she spends the night.

During her brief stay, Hayley and Christine connect quickly and have an enjoyable conversation until the wee hours of the night. In their conversation, Hayley reveals that she is a lesbian and is an outcast to her parents. Something Christine finds unimaginable.

The next day, Hayley with the weather better, leaves and heads back to her place. Upon reflection, Christian realizes she is fascinated by the younger girl and decides to invite her over for dinner. The dinner is enjoyable and over an expensive bottle of wine, their inhibitions come down and both women let it be known they are attracted to the other.

Christine is torn about the propriety of a relationship with one of her daughter’s friends and the fact she has never been with a woman. Her indecision however doesn’t last long.


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