Her windfall was…THE INVITATION


An overworked and under-appreciated manicurist, Shannon Edwards discovers an invitation to a gala event of a lifetime.



Just finishing up a day from hell, Shannon inquired about one of her customers that had to be rushed to the hospital. As she hangs up, she discovers an elaborate envelope containing an invitation to the fanciest costume ball she had ever heard of.

The envelope had fallen from her hospitalized client and after much debate with herself, she decides to attend in the hospitalized woman’s place, by impersonating her and experience how the other half party.

Shannon has little difficulty checking into the exclusive hotel where the gala will be held and by the time she gets to her lavish room, she realizes she has pulled it off. She even seemed to fool the head of the event security. She takes a nap to celebrate her victory and wakes just in time to get ready for the event.

Arriving at the ball, dressed a very sexy kitty, Shannon blends in well with her surroundings, even asked to dance; by another woman. It’s then she realizes the costume event is a lesbian affair, and things go sideways from there. Her horror reaches its zenith when the head of security she was sure she had fooled, begins playing with her, imposing her desire upon the trapped kitty.

It soon dawns on Shannon maybe she didn’t do such a great job of fooling Yvonne, the security director.


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