Patty just wants to take a shower!


A young woman suffers a nightmarish coma after an encounter with an alien in her bathroom.



Patty just planned to take a relaxing shower after work. But her wishes get thwarted; first, a message written in the steamed up mirror in the bathroom, then by a strange visitor that travels at twice the speed of light who wants so badly to explore the earth girl’s body

The strange encounter with the unexpected alien visitor has a side effect on the unsuspecting girl. She falls into a deep coma-like sleep where she experiences life in a dystopian world where the state controls life, work, and relationships.

In the coma induced nightmare world, Patty has one friend and an odd assortment of people that do their best to teach her all about the benefits of lesbian love. Especially the group of women that arrive from the large city of Metro. It is with these women she learns how gender lines get blurred. And how to capitalize on her beautiful body.


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