Was she only a …ONETIME LOVER?


Sally Porter has a steamy fling with an onetime lover, while her partner is away on a research project.

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A cute young Asian girl, Lau, asks if she can attend a Zumba class, taught by a moonlighting media assistant, Sally Porter. Onetime only. Thirty 36-year-old Sally is immediately smitten with the girl. Letting her emotions dictate, she agrees to let the young 22-year old attend. In-kind, that favor is repaid with dinner from the young Asian girl.

Dinner leads to nightcaps at Sally’s apartment and the nightcap leads to a romp in the sheets. Sally’s life partner, Miranda has been away for several months on an expedition and that has left Sally craving sexual attention. Lau is rewarded with an evening of guiltless sex. Lau leaves, returning to her home in Hong Kong, her time with Sally just a pleasant memory.

One year later, Sally is coerced into accompanying a delegation to Asia to work on a mega, media merger deal. She is shocked at being asked since her treatment by her coworkers had been less than friendly ever since she came out of the closet.

Sally learns that her boss an ulterior motive for taking her along and finds that she is in a no-win situation. That evening very distraught, she goes to the rooftop bar of her hotel to make sense of all the crazy things that have happened and she meets a strange wealthy Chinese woman, Suyin, who seems to know her. The woman invites her to her suite for drinks and Sally figures it’s a great opportunity to drown her sorrows. How wrong could she be?


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