Making Ends Meet

A bitter divorce forces Traci and her mother Viv to move from their nice home in the quiet suburbs to apartment living in the bad end of the city.



Viv and her husband endured a bitter divorce, and as those things go, the family is forced to adjust to a new life. Viv and her daughter Traci soon left their nice suburban surroundings and moved to an ‘economy’ apartment in the bad end of the city.

Traci changed schools and became the target of a rather nasty bully, Donna, who loved tormenting Traci. Unaccustomed to such behavior in the suburbs, Traci spirals into a serious depression. Luckily, she finds a friend in one of her neighbors, Sherry, and learns that lesbian love can be a beautiful way to curb depression.

Meanwhile, Viv must learn to use creative methods to make ends meet on their meager income. She makes a deal with Max the apartment manager to pay the rent in a more creative way. More along the lines of the barter system. Max, spurred by her own passions, and fetishes, is more than willing to go along with Viv’s proposal and it takes some of the pressure from Viv and Traci. But the degradation of the payment method doesn’t sit well with Viv. And even more so when Traci learns how Viv is paying the rent.

Additionally, that still leaves Traci with the bully girl and what to do about her. Using some creative thinking she finds a solution to her problem and even to her mother’s. She just needs to make a strategic introduction, of Max to Donna.

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