When it’s time to ‘fish or cut bait’! That’s the TIPPING POINT


A middle-aged lesbian erotica writer’s true identity is discovered by the young woman she had fixing her computer. The discovery takes unusual twists and turns all of them erotic.



Kait is a typical middle-aged mom, but with an alter ego. She is an author of Erotic Lesbian Stories. Her pen name has been kept secret because she lives in a small town and the residents would not view her past time as something they would approve of.

When she leaves a monthly school meeting, she tells her best friend that her computer and the wi-fi system are not working properly and is going to have an issue finishing a report for the school committee. Mallory, her friend promises to send her daughter, Joely over to look at the issue since she is majoring in Cyber Technology and Computer Science.

Joely arrives and quickly solves the baffling problem and while Kait is out of the room, the young girl discovers that Kait is the lesbian erotic world-famous author Charlotte Baily. When she tells Kait of her discovery, Kait is in a quandary over what to do. The young Joely has an idea. She asks Kait to write her a special story, with Joely as the main character.

Kait agrees, all the while wishing it had been something a little more intimate. But Kait begins by getting details of what Joely wants in the story and soon both women are turned on and have reached a tipping point. As it turns out the story has a happy ending both literary and in true life. All that Kait hopes for is for Joely to keep their secret, especially from Mallory, will she do it?


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