As an erotica writer, it’s fun to collect some of your previous works, and assemble them into a cohesive collection to create a mood or a ‘concept’. This six story collection: Women in Love with Each Other is just such a collection. I really hope you take the time and look for it on Smashwords.com or Barnes & Noble or Kobo and others.  (Sorry gang, Amazon and me have parted way a few year’s ago!)


A 6 story collection filled with: Spanking fetishes; A romantic erotica author with writer’s block; Interracial lesbian relationships; A teen’s lesbian life in a harem; X rated games of dare; And finally, Ancient sexual curses.



Included in the collection:

Den of Fears

Holly from Texas and Sue from Halifax meet on line. They learn each is hooked on a spanking fetish. Intrigued, Holly is soon on an airplane to Nova Scotia. It started out when they discover they share a fetish. Spanking. They continue to dabble in cyber-sex until Holly just has to meet her on line friend and she is bound for Halifax for summer vacation.

The Enigmatically Erotic Excursion

Clara is a 43 year old widowed mother of two. Now an empty nester she decides to take a bike tour of Blackpool England a lifelong dream. Clara has raised her two daughter, alone since her husband was tragically murdered in a drive by shooting. Now an empty nester she has the time to do some of the things she has always wanted to do.

Maintaining Contact

Courtney and her roommate Lauren, are by nature thrill seeking junkies. They pass their leisure time by playing an X-rated game of Dare. The challenges they put to each other escalate to some pretty erotic situations.

The Prey of James the Lesser

An eighteen year old girl, Dylan is traded off to a businessman by her father to help finance his next movie, Dylan finds herself on an island paradise with dozens of other girls her age. Her stay on the island will be in a special temple used solely to please other important powerful people.

Tickling the Ivory’s

Melody is short of stature, but tall in ambitions. She is about to begin college in September and already she has a bucket list for her future. One of the items was to learn to play better piano, piano with a progressive jazz sound.

X – Y and Ziva

A Romantic Erotica writer. Ideal one would think for a practicing lesbian. But she is having real problems coming up with story ideas, especially since her current relationship is anything but romantic or erotic and lacking in the passion department. She even resorts to going on field research to address her frustration and her writer’s block.

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