Everyone loves a great fetish…


Jade is an eighteen year old bully who runs roughshod over just about every girl she meets, while introducing them to her fetish turn on.



Jade had come to stay at her older sister’s place. Jade had been kicked out of their parent’s house for sleeping with their mother’s younger lover. Jade was just eighteen and the very epitome of the word minx. She was clever, cheeky, dirty, a bully, beautiful and calculating and personified the word ‘Bitch’.

A violent fight with her sister is when Jade first became aware of her fetish. She was a handful and got into fights often. So the fight with her sister Jordan was nothing out of the ordinary, except the thrill she got tormenting her sister once she was beaten. It had an erotic effect on the teen and she looked for any excuse to pursue this turn on.

Jade, is almost cured of the erotic teasing early, when her boss Julie gives her a dish of her own medicine and then some. But the drubbing at the hands of the older woman, does nothing but firm the teen bully’s resolve even more and she looks for trouble wherever she can find it.

Her conflict, of her own making are many. She fights with a co-worker, a member of her karate dojo, and some poor girl from when she was in high school, Sandy, just because she could. But, the former schoolmate has an older sister, Kim, and decides to jump into the fray, but to no avail as Kim leaves with her tail between her legs after her confrontation with Jade.

So pumped about the beating she gave the avenging sister and her pitiful younger sibling, she decides to go after the young girl again. Was she tempting fate, by picking on the already bullied school friend. This time Kim decides it necessary to take drastic measures and put the arrogant bully in her place. Will she? Can she?


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