Maxine or Max has her eyes on a Goth chick from a club she stumbled across. The Goth seems friendly but keeps Max at an arm’s length.



Rough, tough, muscular and black describes Max. Almost, Max is short for Maxine and Max is a hardcore lesbian Top. Always on the lookout for some feminine cutie to take to bed. Right now she has run up against a real challenge in Domino.

Domino frequents a predominantly Goth Lesbian club and by chance Max checks it out and spies the cute eighteen year old. Not really fitting in, Max gravitates to Domino to introduce her around to the standoffish Goths of the club.

Domino is friendly with Max, leading Max to believe she has a shot at getting the teen back to her apartment for some of her kind of action. Max is into the rough trade and would consider it a feather in her cap if she could snag the elusive Domino.

Domino strings Max along, avoiding all her overtures of getting together. The more Domino resists and avoids the connection the more Max doubles her efforts to bed Domino. Almost driven up a wall, Max is at a loss about what to do about the teen.

Then after months of the cat and mouse play, Max runs into Domino in another club not a popular with the Goths and surprisingly Domino agrees to go back to Max’s apartment. Max is elated. But as the old saying goes: “Be careful what you wish for. You might just get it.”


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