Here is a new release from my bestie Sherry Stone. She likes to blend SciFi with Erotica. I think you might like to check it out.


Meena is abducted from her moon Neso by an energy hungry species. She is enlisted to help get the plans for a solution to their energy needs.

Click here to purchase – Duel on a Distant Moon


Meena is sleeping in her room late at night when an alien presence takes control of her body and secures her inside their space craft. Their plan is to run analysis on her to find her areas of energy deficiency then enhance those area.

The motive for the alien abduction is to recruit a humanoid female to retrieve a document with the plans for harnessing the kinetic energy produced by the female orgasm. Once the plans are in their possession, they can renew their dwindling sources of kinetic energy and resume life as usual on their world.

The plan is well thought out but Meena does have to overcome a few obstacles, one being the evil White Snake Organization, and defeat their vicious leader and owner of the energy plans, Nyssa.

Meena is transported millions of light years from her home world to a small moon of Uranus, Puck. It’s there she works undercover for months to gain access to the repository containing the energy plans. Finally she has it out with the vicious Nyssa before Nyssa kills her. And retrieve the energy plans.


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