In all the better places…PROPER ATTIRE REQUIRED!


Avery is a young girl who learns she shares a lesbian fetish about underwear with more people than she ever dreamed.



Avery has, until she meets up with Carrie, shared her fetish for underclothes with only her friend and boss, Treena. But that is about to change on a bus trip across the Ohio River.

Avery boards a bus headed for Cincinnati, and as if fate had mandated it, meets Carrie. The two seem to have a lot in common including the love of short shorts and silky G-strings. Their discussion of the subject leads to both of them getting aroused and then to a steaming interlude while riding on the bus.

When the two lesbian fetishists are about to exit the bus, Carrie invites Avery to an interesting pool party at a friend’s that offers a ample amounts of opportunities to experience, explore and share the love of her fetish with like minded lesbian women.

The pool party is an attack upon Avery’s senses as sexual opportunity after opportunity is thrown her way, and indeed sex is rampant around the pool. Avery and her friend Treena need a scorecard to keep track of who is doing what with whom.

The party, while sensually energetically arousing is also quite a drain physically and the young Avery and Treena have explored as much of the offerings at the party as physically possible. The tired duo bid their farewells to the still active party goers and head back to Treena’s for a hot shower and some much needed rest.


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