Chapter Two

  And that is exactly where it went. After looking at the magazine with me, Brianna slyly asked the me if I wanted to play some of the games in the magazine.
  “Where would we start,” I asked the younger girl.
  And Brianna told me, indicating that I should begin by running my fingertips over Brianna’s nipples. Brianna, deeply experienced in handling the adult subs her mother brought her, knew that having me start with her budding tits would build slowly and that by the time she suggested I taste her pussy, I’d be starved for it.
  So I began rubbing the young girl’s nipples and flushed as I felt the tender flesh harden to my sex-hungry touch.
  Then my years of looking at lesbian magazines and playing with myself took over as I captured the young girl’s nipple between my thumb and forefinger and began a gentle pinching. After a few moments of the nipple foreplay, Brianna wanted to move me along and instructed me, the nascent sub, to begin to play with her pussy. I took to the suggestion of fingering the younger girl quite happily as I was beginning to feel the first stirrings of lust deep within my own body.
  I began by running my finger in a sawing motion up and down the hairless slit. Brianna gave a genuine moan of passion as she felt my index finger begin to slice through her cunt lips. Then Brianna told me to take my index finger from my other hand and stick it in her vagina.
  Me, from two years of looking at the lesbian magazines, knew exactly what to do and began to plunge my index finger in and out of young Brianna’s hole. And my finger slid in very, very easily.
  As sexually immature as she was, it was obvious to me that young Brianna’s hole had been used before and with that knowledge came new-found respect for the blonde 10 year old.
  Hmm, thought I, this girl is experienced, I wonder with who. Brianna then said something that would forever be burned into Anna’s consciousness.
  `Give me another finger slut,’ Brianna said. ‘Stick two in my cunny and move your hand faster.’
  I didn’t delay in complying and felt the wetness on my fingers in Brianna’s vagina increase as Brianna heated up sexually. Right then, Brianna opened my eyes and looked directly into my eyes and I knew there was about to be another twist to our relationship.
  Brianna’s deep blue eyes captivated me and I knew I was in the process of becoming owned by an 18-year-old girl.
  Still looking directly into my eyes, Brianna told me rather than asked me to ‘get on your knees.’
  I was becoming very, very good at obeying Brianna’s every command and I slipped to my knees, still fully clothed, in front of the young domme girl. I found myself at eye level with Brianna’s gorgeous little twat, a position I had only dreamed about until now.
  Then I heard Brianna’s voice again, a voice marked with increasing maturity and dominance.
  “Listen carefully slut face, my delightful little pussy is now going to capture your face and tongue and use them for its own pleasure. If you happen to derive some pleasure from that meeting, it will only be coincidental. You are to remember for the rest of your life that serving the cunt of a young girl is a blessing of untold proportions. Young pussy is to always be worshiped by you.”
  I would realize later in life that those words continued to have a spellbinding hold on me and fed my kinky desire to be dominated by young girls. I shuffled toward that special place between young Brianna’s thighs on bent knees and planted a light kiss just above the beginning of the younger girl’s pussy crack. Then I took my tongue and parted the girl’s labia, exposing her young and turgid clitoris.
  I had studied the pictures in my mother’s porno magazines long enough to know exactly what was required and I began to swirl my tongue, punctuated by up and down lashing of the sensitive bud.
  Brianna took me by the hair and began leveraging my face and tongue all over her crotch. I loved the sensation of the girl’s leaking pussy being rubbed on my face and was proud that it was my tongue that was bringing young Brianna to the brink of orgasm.
  I also loved it when the young girl started quaking and squealing as the climax overpowered her. Brianna looked down at me and knew that I had conquered on my own my first subby girl. It would hardly be my last.
Nor was she finished with her adventures with me, whose face was now covered with her juices.

more from Chapter Two tomorrow…

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