The story of Mari, a struggling writer on the brink of a huge break in her career, wishes her love life would improve the same way.

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It all started out when Mari’s best friend Charlotte, convinced her that she needed to at least try lesbian love, and invited her to her place for the weekend to provide her with all the love she would ever want as a lesbian. The young college freshman had high expectations for their planned weekend

Charlotte however had another agenda for the weekend. She exposes Mari, not to the tenderness of romantic lesbian love, rather to aggressive lesbian Domination and Submission. Though the horrendous experience should have put Mari off on lesbianism, she found she liked girls, and continuously thought about having a lesbian romance.

Nearly a decade passes, Mari has followed her love of writing and she is now on the brink of huge fame. During a promotion of her latest best seller, at a small college, she spies a beautiful young blonde in the audience, and so captivated is she by her, she returns to the college the following day hoping to meet up with the blonde, who by now Mari has learned is named Alison or Ali.

The relationship takes off the very first day, and after a beautiful afternoon of romance, the two promise to meet again the upcoming weekend. But Mari’s professional life interrupts their plans, as she is called to New York by her publisher, and the two are never to see each other again. But the experience has left a lasting impression in both women.

In New York, Mari learns her book is to be made into a movie, and she meets the actress who will be in the movie. The actress wants to learn more about the character she is going to play and arranges to spend a week or two with Mari to pick her brain. That is not all the actress has in mind. In the end, the relationship with the actress opens Mari’s eyes to how romance and sex can get confused and someone always seems to get hurt in the end.


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