To help celebrate Boxing Day… TAKING WHAT’S HERS!


Six tales of six pairs of women doing what they need to get what they want. Be it a man, money or revenge.



Isabella and Pamela

Isabella fights to keep her husband from fooling around with his secretary.

Battling Wives

Two husbands exchange emails regarding the catfight abilities of their wives. The rhetoric gets so involved the wives are eager to get at each other and settle the debate.

Foes of Desire

On the set of an adult film, two women take their film roles to heart and sexfight to settle their curiosities.

The Accident

Olivia is determined to teach the woman that ran into her car, that it is not good to text and drive. One woman nearly gets choked unconscious.

Paramour Trounces Mate

A husband with a wandering eye hooks up with a hot number while away on business. The husband’s wife discovers his dalliance and calls him on it. But the hot number is no shrinking violet and lets the wife know she is going to have to fight to hold on to her husband.

Brawling Academics

Two young school teachers are very protective of their students and when one teacher claims the other teachers kids are brats its not long before they are on the gym’s wrestling mat to settle the issue once and for all.


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