Abbey is obsessed with Jessica, a young who works with her, and would like nothing better than to make Jessica her a love slave




Abbey is infatuated with Jessica a girl she works with. She wants to make her, her personal sex slave. So she stalks her, in hopes of finding something she can use to blackmail her into doing her bidding.

Three months the stalking goes on, and it seems that Jessica is a saint. Abbey can’t find her doing anything wrong, criminal or otherwise. Until the all the girls from work decide to go out for a girl’s night out. And Jessica slips, and Abbey captures it on her iPhone. She realizes that what she did, could allow Abbey to get her fired and ruin her life and tells Abbey she will do anything for her if she won’t tell on her.

Jessica’s pleas are music to Abbey’s ears and that very night Abbey goes into action. She tells Jessica, she is going home with Abbey to her home. She tells her not to make any plans for the next few days. For the next seventy two hours, Abbey provides Jessica with such intense ‘training’ even a Marine would scream.


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