An Extreme Catfight, seen through the eyes of one of the combatant’s girlfriend turns into a morality play of sorts.


Kristin’s girlfriend, Tara, goes out of her way to arrange catfights for her lover. Kris is a bit of a submissive and gets off on rough treatment. So no holds barred catfights give her the opportunity to partake in her fetish often.

Kristin is going to fight Alex, a bigger woman, and very definitely a domme. She relishes the opportunity to dominate a catfight, and her fight with Kris is just what she wants. Tara and Kris are aware of Alex’s fetish also, and Tara does all she can to get Alex keyed up before the fight.

The fight is pretty one sided and Kris has her fetish realized, and Alex is aroused by the outcome also. The next step of the arranged fight is the bonus round in the pleasure room. Despite her brutal treatment in the fight, Kris is as anxious for the bonus round as Alex. In the end, it lives up to its name, and pleasure is extracted in the room, but in a slow methodical manner. Satisfaction to one woman, and a shock to the other.


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