While their husbands are attending a WWE event, Jenny and Melanie decide to have their own wrestling match at home.



Jenny and Melanie are sitting in Melanie’s kitchen drinking their second bottle of Chardonnay and discussing their husbands fascination with women wrestling. The conversation turns to a challenge and while the husbands are watching a Vince McMahon event the girls have their own match in Melanie’s basement den.

Things get pretty intense, and if their husband’s had seen their match, it would have been the last WWE event they would ever attend. Both women finish up in a draw, but with elevated libidos from all the skin on skin contact. So much so that the women surprise their husbands and swap them for the night.

Reflecting on the previous night’s activities, the two women, are left wanting more. Melanie suggests they invite the young neighbor to join them the following Saturday. The two women plan the night in detail and the young neighbor Stacey, at first becomes a willing participant. That is until one of the women attempt to provide her with some oral stimulation, something that shocked her and had her fleeing the house, much to Melanie and Jenny’s confusion.

Jenny takes it upon herself to go visit Stacey and straighten out the misunderstanding. While making her apologies, Jenny leans quite a bit about Stacey, and once she senses Jenny is sincere she reevaluated the wrestling experience and she decides to give it one more try.


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