Justine and Stacey first meet at the gym and instantly find themselves attracted to each other. Justine learns that Stacey is full of surprises.



Justine is a confirmed lesbian and in spite of her curvy feminine looks has no attraction to men. Stacey is a bi-sexual and shares her affections with either gender. It was not surprising that the two women were drawn to each other instantly.

Working out at a gym, it is easy to see the physical assets of those working out at the time. Both Stacey and Justine have great figures. Justine’s figure more muscular, yet still feminine. Stacey is a girly girl and loves showing off her feminine form.

It was no surprise to either woman that they became attracted to the other. The attraction stepped up a pace when Justine led Stacey into the showers after their workout and proceeded to demonstrate her expert lesbian techniques.

Stacey suggests they adjourn to her place, one she shares with her boyfriend. Justine balks at first as she is not looking for any heterosexual experience as long as she has Stacey in tow. But Stacey assures her that her boyfriend is gone for the week for his job. Justine accepts Stacey’s invitation and it is not long before the two women are splashing around in Stacey’s hot tub.

The fun is interrupted when Stacey’s boyfriend returns unexpectedly. Justine is at first shocked, then wary that this is a set up. Stacey notices Justine’s uneasiness and assures her that not is the case and both the boyfriend and Stacey make it clear Justine is not being tricked into a threesome. In fact the two relate a surprising secret to Justine about the type of work the boyfriend does

It becomes obvious the couple, is no ordinary couple and Justine becomes enrapt during their explanation what the boyfriend does for a living. The hypnotic tale carries Justine away to an erotic fantasy that has her anxiously aroused and craving a more up close and real life experience.


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