See the love there that sleeping…

The Pain of Love


Two high school seniors, Sam and Mikki, from different worlds confront each other in the girls bathroom. Setting in motion a love hate relationship that lasts for years


Sam is a beautiful, very smart, high school senior She is also a lesbian. Mikki is a popular and very straight girl that runs with the ‘in crowd’ and normally wouldn’t give Sam a second glance. That changes.

The two girls have a confrontation in the ladies restroom at school, and circumstances cause Mikki to acknowledge Sam, since she is doing her best to annoy Mikki, by smoking and blowing the smoke in her face. Mikki, takes the high road after Sam refuses to stop, and Mikki leaves.

Fate is a cruel mistress, and the two girl are brought together alone in a park, and Sam notices Mikki reading an erotic story. Sam, being Sam, takes the book, and teases Mikki about it. In Mikki’s efforts to get the book back, Sam gives her a very wet passionate kiss. Before walking off with her book. Leaving both girls with unanswered questions.

Sam surprises Mikki by bringing her book over to her house and ingratiates herself to Mikki’s parents. Mikki is on edge fearing Sam will announce the kiss in park to her parents. Sam, however, does none of that, and as a result the two begin to warm up, to each other in a friendly way. Sam, in a girlfriend kind of way, and Mikki in a platonic friend kind of way.

This miss reading of the relationship causes a nasty break in the friendship and the two girls remain estranged for many months. The toll it takes on both girls after the break manifests itself in the life they both pursue once they get to college.


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