B.F. Skinner would agree…..This was A Learned Behavior!

Piper is a girl with a past. She is beginning her first day of college and meets new friends Tasha and Tiffany. She hopes the friendship will erase the memories of her past.

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Piper has a past; she was framed for a check kiting scheme and did some jail time. She went into prison a straight heterosexual, but in the months she was there, her sexual preferences were adjusted.

When Piper gets out of prison, she vows to make a new life, and starts college. It’s there she meets new friends, Tasha and Tiffany. Hoping the new friendships will take her mind off the nightmare of her past, she embraces the two girls friendship and learns more about them.

The friendships quickly blossoms into a more than something platonic. The three girls all confess to their lesbian desires and soon the trio are embroiled in a hot after school threesome. Each girl wanting to show the others, things that turn them on.


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