The Mothers Wrestling Club – THE MWC READER!

This collection of stories is a great place to learn about the Erotic Mothers Wrestling Club. These six stories embody the entire MWC theme.



This book is over 200 pages and contains the six (6) previously released stories list below: 

Mothers Wrestling Club The Double Whammy

Sandy gets a call from an old friend regarding a unique competition being held at the Mothers Wrestling Club. Sandy is very interested and signs up as soon as possible.

Return to the Mothers Wrestling Club

Hailey finds herself on the bad side of Racquel, a girl bully, who tried to cheat off Hailey’s test. The two end up in a catfight, and the action awakens a desire in Hailey.

The Changes All Around – The Mothers Wrestling Club

Nancy begins her adult life with an unexplained sexual anomaly. Nancy and her anomaly are unconsciously driven in unusual directions leading her to strange close encounters with other women

The Mothers Wrestling Club – Evolved Fighting at the MWC

Robynn has been challenged, by Lada, to a match, in the Rainbow Division of the MWC. A female vs a Transsexual Sexfight.

Mothers Wrestling Club – Stormy Romance

Jenna and Kenzie have been together for ten years. They plan to celebrate the milestone anniversary with dinner out. The two live in a unique relationship, really a stormy romance. And they like it that way.

The Unexpected Member

A relatively unknown member of the MWC, Tuesday, shows up for an erotic tournament, and takes on Shannon. The match goes down to the wire, and the loser is left on the mat an unconscious and slimy mess. 


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