The warm tropical climate of Key West is the backdrop for this story. And Chelsea, is about to get caught in all the erotic tempations, the Keys provide.


Chelsea and her friend Barb, take a week’s vacation at an all-inclusive Lesbian resort in Key West.


Chelsea is a lesbian, still in the closet, but none the less she lusts after females, fantasizes about other females, masturbates thinking of girls. Her friend Barb offers her the perfect outlet for all her pent up sexual frustration.

The two head for Key West, to an all-inclusive Lesbian resort. Things go slow at first for the inexperienced Chelsea, but finally she spots the girl of her dreams, Jill. Dream girl, plays hard to get, but finally relents and provides Chelsea with her first taste of lesbian domination. Really not what she was looking for. Next, she and Barb got to the Video Lounge and the erotic delights are everywhere.

Pumped up from her sessions at the Video Lounge, demonstrating a bit of a cruel streak now, she leaves the Video Lounge alone, Chelsea tries an out of the way little salon and comes upon a dream come true. A place where willing participants engage in any fantasy you can imagine. This further inflates Chelsea’s ego. Finishing a rather physical session, sweaty but satisfied, she leaves the salon. Unbeknown to Chelsea her ego is about to be deflated.


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