Sometimes girls want to have fun, sometimes they want…RAUNCHY TIME!


June, a nineteen year old college student, enjoys dominating other lesbian girls. But, Serena is her first mature woman she has seduced, and learns that with Serena’s experience, June will need much planning.



Pretty teen June, is a domme, that at an early age realized she enjoyed the thrill of the domination. She has practiced and refined her seduction techniques on girls she seduces to a point where she nearly takes control of the subs will.

Lydia was Junes previous sub, and she rode poor Lydia like a government mule. Having sessions with her she called Raunchy Times. But not satisfied, June sets her sights on Serena, the mother of a girl she babysits for. To June, she will be a challenge, but one worth the effort.

June learns that, having a mature sub has its great points, and it has some surprises. In June’s mind she feels she has learned to adapt along the way, as she continues the relationship with Serena. Serena brings June much pleasure, but occasionally Serena really pisses June off. But June is learning to deal with the surprises. Maybe by introducing Raunchy Time to the older woman.


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