GINNY IS SWEET…She’s in the Driver’s Seat!


Ginny ends a relationship with Ross, a control freak. She turns to a series of lesbian relationships, beginning with Mary.



Breaking off with her dominating boyfriend Ginny is energized by her newfound freedom, and it isn’t long before, Lucy, Mary and Rosalind are sweating the sheets with Ginny. Often times altogether. But nothing lasts forever.

Focusing on her day to day life, Ginny is happy with her job and her new lifestyle. It’s at work that she finds Alvina, and soon seduces her, and become permanent lovers.

The two soulmates have a blip in the relationship with an old girlfriend of Alvina’s comes calling. Ginny is trusting of Alvina and encourages the two former lovers to spend some time together.

Never in a million years would Ginny think that Alvina would bring her old girlfriend, Constance to meet Ginny. Soon the three are sharing each other’s bodies.

Ginny learns that her Alvina, fantasizes about group sex a lot, and the evening with Constance was her way of demonstrating to Ginny her desires.

Ginny, wanting to be in the driver’s seat in this relationship, takes matters into her own hands and introduces a man into their fantasies. What impact will this have on her and Alvina?


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