A feat many a have tried to accomplish, Molly gives it her best shot!

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Molly gets talked into helping her friend Justin, with a gambling debt in Vegas. She just needs to beat a mother daughter tag team in a sexfighting match.


Justin is in dept up to his eyeballs, to the Vegas Mob, to the tune of about one hundred large. That’s when he gets the idea of having his English lady friend, Molly, help him out, by participating in a tag team sexfight match, with a Mexican mother daughter team. Except, Justin neglected to tell Molly, it really wasn’t a tag team, but two against one.

Molly, it just so happens is a seasoned catfighter who sexfights occasionally. And Molly blindly goes into the match, not knowing the whole story. The two Latinas, are formidable opponents and Molly soon finds herself in deep trouble.

Twice during the match, Fate played an important role in the momentum of the match, but in the end the woman with the greater ‘Cat-Lust’ wins out.


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